luminous beings are we.

Robyn aka Gingerlogicz.

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ginger. gemini. so many freckles. sarcastic.
trying to be the best human I can be & causing some smiles along the way :)
hit tha mssssgboxx.

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should be sleeping, but here I am just looking up puppy stuff. shots, training things & what not.    

ughh I really want that budddies.



Apparently this is "The clearest photo of Mercury ever taken."

why isnt everyone getting so excited about this, it is literally another planet look at how beautiful it is stop what your doing and look at how alien like this planet is what is living there oh my god mercury

#it looks like joff is jammin to some 90’s rap but marg is more into grunge


this lady just gets it

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(noun)- a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days


If youre my girlfriend then there is absolutely no need to get jealous because im probably obsessed with you

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don’t check up on people who have decided you are not in their picture anymore. you don’t need to know how they’re doing. save yourself the trouble, seriously.

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