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Robyn aka Gingerlogicz.

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ginger. gemini. so many freckles. sarcastic.
trying to be the best human I can be & causing some smiles along the way :)
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without question. I must have this.
and if you don’t know where this is from, we can’t be friends

America’s Next Top Fuckboy

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This is what San Francisco looked like this morning on my run. I love this city in September and October, the sun comes up in the morning and everything is golden.

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favorite things


I’d rather just go pick up hella weed than the iPhone 6


I walked into a classroom where some young Tibetan students were practicing their chants, and all the kids suddenly grew very focused and well-behaved on account of the visitor. Except for this guy, who started laughing at me. Then he started laughing at himself laughing. Then he started laughing that he couldn’t stop laughing at himself laughing.
(Dharamshala, India)